Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Less Stupidity = ?

Let's face it. Acting less stupid often results in making you look more stupid. With that in mind, let's cut the excess b.s. and get right to the point.

Yesterday, my brother and I were in a car accident. It was pretty mild, but I did come out of it with a busted nose. Goodness knows what would've happened had our car been on the freeway.

But I view it as a blessing. It breaks what I call "the mundane."

Here's the definition in Jon Paz's New and Old World Dictionary Which Primarily Consists of Words People Don't Know:

Mundane, The (noun) 1. The ordinary routine of life.
Synonyms: rut, daily groove, normality.

Not that there's anything against normality. In fact, I would recommend it for some strange people. But it's the over-normality I'm talking about. You know, the people that get up at 6:45 every morning, go to Starbucks at 7:30, order a 3 shot Vanilla Latte, and get to work at 8:00. They hit Jason's Deli everyday at exactly noon, and leave work at 6:00. They go home, watch tv, and then they go to sleep.


I find that The Mundane is like a bubble. The longer we are in it, the thicker it becomes, shutting us off from the other aspects of life. Sometimes it takes a car accident, a tragedy, or a giant ape ripping through New York to pop these thick, overgrown bubbles. It's not that these are always bad, they just take our sight off the prize, the focus from our lives, the sparkle in our eyes. The spectrum, once vividly colorful, becomes blurred in the constant mayhem of order, and in a world where we must learn to live, we live to live.

Get it? Now, think about it, are you trapped by a bubble? Am I, sitting here right now, typing this blog, trapped in a bubble?

The truth is always, to some extent, yes. We need to pop these things! They trap us. Some people like the security, but then, in the moment of crisis, they are the ones panicking, the ones that cause more trouble than good.

How can we rid ourselves of The Mundane?
Here are a few tips, categorized from easy to hard:

1) Watch the news every once in a while, don't let it become your mundane.
2) Get up a little earlier and watch the sun rise. It's rewarding.
3) Drink your coffee without creamer and sugar.
4) Ask people something extraordinary.
5) Bike somewhere at night.
6) Exercise your talents in new ways.
7) Go camping in the rain.
8) Love somebody.
9) Do something crazy alone.
10) Take a trip around the country. Hitchhiking.

And last but not least:

11) Go streaking.

Okay, maybe not.

Any more suggestions? Leave a comment!


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