Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So today was weird. It was pretty much the most packed full day of the last month. Stuffed. Like those nasty green peppers that your mom always tried to make you eat when you were younger. You know what I mean. Speaking of full and moms, isn't it strange how Moms are always chock- full of strange aphorisms that don't have an ending. Like,
"Preparation is the key."

To what, may I ask? Life, knowledge, the pursuit of happiness?

Now it's time for the greek phrase of the day.

Novus ortus deficio mens mentis. Or, put more simply, Bardus.

Lemme give you a hint, it's what I am.

It just started raining outside. I am sitting by the screen door, taking in the smells and sounds of this downpour. The scent is swirling around me; caressing my nose until I can no longer think about what I'm doing. The wind created by the falling droplets of water are pushing air that is wafting through the door. Wrapping a pleasant mixture of cool and warm air, it's just what my tired fingers need for rejuvenation. It's like getting high off of nature.

I think I'm gonna go jump around in the rain. Catch you later.

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