Monday, September 7, 2009

Reading is Believing?

If you were reading this, (hypothetically speaking, considering NO ONE reads this) and I graphically depicted to you how the world would explode in 2 days, you'd either think I had too much free time on my hands, or I was crazy.

Fancy that, considering I am neither. Unfortunately, people buy into these things seemingly all the time. Take forwarded emails. Millions of people everyday get these trashy weird-fonts-and-strange-colored-lettered emails. Maybe the person who makes these just figured out their computer. Maybe they're a terrorist, meaning to stir up mass chaos through horribly researched points. There are the four kinds of forwarded emails.

1) The Freaker.
In these ones, the author, (whoever they are) always tries to scare you. Be it that Obama is going to ban life, or that the Swine Flu is fabricated by the medical industry, they try to frighten you into such a panic that you will: "Send to 20 friends if you care."

2) The Heartburner.
In this particular type of forward tries to be heartwarming. They are usually "based on a true story." Whatever THAT means. Unfortunately, to ruin these stories' credibility, the photos are usually too good to be taken while "In progress of story."

3) The Teenager.
These usually consist of asking you random questions about previous love lives. At the end, they tell you to "Send to 20 friends and the love of your life will call you today."


Never works for me.

4) The Faither.
These are like the Heartburner, but with a Faith-based message.

'Nuff said.

It surprises me how gullible people are to these things... It kinda makes me want to blow up the world.

In 2 days. heh heh.


  1. I concur.
    The chain letters that these sad people send out are anything but interesting. What is sad is that I know people who believe that stupid shit. The one with the girl that's going to strangle you while you sleep...

    Yes, they're all quite moronic.

    I believe that they were indeed fabricated by people who just have no life.

  2. What I'm wondering is WHY chain letters? Why not... something cool or memorable?