Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ramen is a Miracle Food

It is. You know it is. Really, just take my word for it.

If you've never eaten it, go buy some. They're like 15 cents a piece. Not on sale. Also, if you've never eaten it, where in God's beautiful green grassed, cow grazed, hay manufactured, agriculture industry stimulating, 91% organic (still, surprisingly), climate changing world do you live?

Perhaps Mars, or maybe Russia, where the KGB will kill you if you have food.

Be it the former or the latter, where did you get internet access? Really?
Let's get off the topic of ramen.

Once again, being monsoon season and all here, it rained again. Today it was, in the most extreme form of the word, DUMPING.

Not like guys do to girls.*

I mean in in the sense that it seemed a supernatural force with a giant fire hose decided to spray my humble home. Rather house. Definitely "house."

We'll get to that another time. At any rate, I had a very interesting conversation today. It went as follows...

Her: "Hey buddy."

Me: "You know how I dislike being called, 'buddy.'"

Her: "Sorry about that."

Me: "It's okay, you didn't know."

Her: "Uhm..."

Me: "So..."

Her: "So I think this is not really a very engaging, funny, or in any other way interesting."

Me: "Holy... did you just say that? It's like you were narrating our conversation for people to read later."

Her: "They probably won't notice."

Me: "Are you talking to me?

Her: "Today was ridiculous. Mood: Chill. Current Music: Some annoying guy."

Me: (Looks at camera) "What a waste."

Her: "What?"

Me: "Don't start."


Anyways, I found out she wasn't talking to me. Uneventful day, besides the rain. Good. Night.

*If a guy dumps a guy, it's about the as socially acceptable as, say, getting castrated.†

†If you are a eunuch, I'm sorry, I did not mean to offend you.˚
˚If you are a eunuch, please let me know why you have a will to live.

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  1. KGB doesn't exist anymore. Its now the FIS, just sayin....

    For the record, rammen is one of life's underappreciated foods. Try putting a couple slices of american cheese in there at the point of boil for a special treet. I had it that way for the first time while in Korea, looved it.